Installation (Turnkey)

Our FF&E installation solution offers compelling benefits to our procurement clients. By adding this optional service to the scope of work, our clients enjoy offloading to Innvision Hospitality responsibility for the many moving parts and complexities of installation. Our team can manage nearly every aspect of your project.

We deploy experienced hotel FF&E installation professionals who partner with our logistics coordinators to schedule deliveries and receive goods. Using tools such as elevation drawings, our installers manage the precise placements of FF&E products.

When needed, they work closely with our project logistics team to resolve damage or other product issues that can arise, allowing our hotel clients to stay focused on other aspects of their business. Our teams work through a punch list together to ensure that everything is correct for a timely walk-through inspection of the property with our client. Instead of worrying about the headaches of managing installers who don't have accountability for the rest of the project, our installation clients find great comfort knowing the Innvision Hospitality name is there to stand behind them in all phases of the process.